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This is indigo road, a collection featuring goods made from vintage indigo mud cloths. 

Traditional mud cloths each have a story to tell. The cotton fabric is dyed with green leaves from the indigo plant then hand-woven on looms.  The arrangement of the symbols revels something secret about the intended meaning. The language of the cloth was passed down from mother to daughter.




The Arlo Collection - Woodland weekends

Named after our Billy Wolf shop dog, the Arlo Collection is inspired by camping trips and weekend adventures. The warm reds and browns of the Arlo heritage plaid wool, reminds us of sitting around a campfire after a full day of exploring. The new Weekender Tote is made of Arlo wool and soft calfskin leather with hand stamped copper rivets. The pouch is made of wool with leather trim. Fall welcomes us outdoors and inspires us to keep adventuring, be prepared for yours and your pups with this collection.



In the USA bandanas were born out of the struggle for independence. They've stood the test of time as being an extremely versatile item of clothing. With uses such as a neckerchief, headscarf, wrist cuff, tote accent, and of course, our favorite, a cute and easy dog accessory. The history of bandanas is as rich as our passion for quality goods. With that, we've created the new Bandana Slide, to make accessorizing your bandana that much easier. The slide is created from West Tan Buffalo Leather with cream stitching. Fasten with the solid brass stud to secure your favorite Billy Wolf bandana and add a pop of Americana style.

Must haves: Billy Wolf Bandana Slide Set



Drawing inspiration from Montauk's sandy tan beaches that blend harmoniously with the deep blues of the Atlantic. This summer collection of washed indigos, shades of chambray, and blue cotton stripes, reminds us to breathe easy and jump in


Must Haves: Jack BandanaWille the Whale, & Bennet Coat