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Billy Wolf Talks Sustainability: Meet Our New Packaging

lyndsey drago


Being outside with our dogs is what Billy Wolf is all about - and we can't do that in a world that is slowly being destroyed by climate change. Since our start, we've sourced vintage and deadstock fabric and hardware whenever possible and made our goods locally in the USA - a decision we made to help reduce the terrible waste the fashion industry contributes to every year (the fashion industry is said to produce nearly 92 million tons of waste a year! source). And while we have always felt pretty good about minimizing waste by utilizing these materials, the packaging and shipping of our goods has always bothered us. We've been working for a while now on a more sustainable way to ship your Billy Wolf goods that wouldn't compromise the security of the packaging and would allow us to keep shipping costs at a minimum. Today, we are so proud to unveil the result of these efforts.

When you purchase from Billy Wolf, we don't want you to just feel good about the item you're receiving. We want you to know that every effort was made to lessen the effect on the earth made by shipping that item. By nature, shipping will never be green - but we can minimize the waste of shipping materials and eliminate plastic from the process as much as possible.

From now on, every Billy Wolf purchase will be shipped using our new packaging method. All the tissue paper and cardboard we use is recyclable and our plant-baed mailers are biodegradable. Hangtag and card inserts are printed on American-made paper in an American print house. We hand tie coats for shipping with cotton rope and leashes and collars ship in reusable cotton bags (we use ours to corral dog toys, treats and poop bags inside our purses and totes).

Every item ships directly from our studio and is hand-packed with lots of care by our small team. You'll never receive an item in a polybag and you may notice your box has been previously used (but is still sturdy enough for a trip through the postal system!). We make sure to use every item in our studio - from scissors to cardboard boxes - for as long as it can do its job.


Our efforts don't stop there. Just a few of the ways we are trying to contribute to a greener future include many of the practices you likely exercise yourself. Around Billy Wolf HQ (and our homes) we are minimizing consumption of single-use plastics, sourcing secondhand and buying local whenever possible, improving recycling practices and making less purchases of better quality. (And yes, we're only using biodegradable poop bags on our daily walks.) While we are always incorporating new ways to help contribute to a better future for humankind - and our dogs - we know we can still do better. If you see an opportunity for us to improve our sustainability practices, please share with us at