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Fabric Wax


Fabric Wax

BILLY WOLF - 10.17.18-WAX.jpg
BILLY WOLF - 10.17.18-WAX.jpg

Fabric Wax


Waxed canvas is an old-world material, so it's natural that a little care is required to keep it at it's best. While it provides durable, water resistant properties, those strengths only last so long as the wax is present. With consistent use, you may notice the wax has faded from your dog’s coat. It is easily replaced with this high-quality wax made by the very company who makes our waxed canvas, Carr Textiles. With a little time and love, your canvas will be looking good as new!

Size: 1.5 oz Tin Ingredients: Natural Waxes and Oils Made in USA

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• thoroughly clean and dry item before application

• Use a hair dyer to gently heat fabric and wax

• rub wax onto the fabric with fingers

• again gently heat with hair dyer for even coverage

• allow item to cure in a warm, dry place for at least 24 hours

• reapply as often as necessary

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