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N/B Scout Martingale Collar


N/B Scout Martingale Collar

Collar - N-B Scout Martingale.jpg
BILLY WOLF - 08.01.19-14386.jpg
Collar - N-B Scout Martingale.jpg
BILLY WOLF - 08.01.19-14386.jpg

N/B Scout Martingale Collar


More lead control, the humane way

Enjoy extra security and peace of mind on your daily walks with the gentle lead Scout Martingale Collar. The adjustable design allows for a secure, gentle fit on your dog's neck that makes guiding easier while preventing the collar from slipping off. Each collar is finished with solid brass hardware, including a D-ring for quick leash attachment. To find best fit, widen collar and slide over dog's head. Pull the shortened part of the collar to top of dog's neck and cinch until the two ends are close, but not touching. If properly fitted, the collar will be slightly loose when the dog isn't pulling against the leash.

Please note: martingale collars should never be left on an unattended or off-leash dog.

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  • 1" heavy-duty nylon collar

  • Adjustable collar allows for a gentle lead

  • Solid brass hardware


  • Small: 9” to 14”

  • Medium: 14” to 19”

  • Large: 19” to 25”

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